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Servant leadership is a philosophy, a practice, and a field of study and research.

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meet practitioners, review academic research, find books and articles, and discover insights in movies and videos.  


Servant leadership is being taught in leadership courses in dozens of universities as well as many other organizations. Servant leadership principles are being implemented in various ways in the public, private, academic, military, and non-profit sectors. Practitioners have produced many useful books on servant leadership. There is also a growing body of research on servant leadership, conducted by scholars in many countries. In short, servant leadership is a diverse, well-established, active, and exciting international movement.


Whether you are new to servant leadership or have been on the servant leadership journey for many years, I hope that this website will be helpful to you.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at


Dr. Kent M. Keith

Website Curator

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The purpose of this website is to share information about servant leadership, drawn from many people and sources. You can explore the definition and characteristics of servant leaders, learn why it works, 

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